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          Zhao Shuyan Invited to Attend 70TH Anniversary of Anhui University of Science and Technology

                  On 17th May, 2015, Zhao Shuyan, Board Chairman & Chief Engineer of BGTG , was invited as a famous alumnus to attend the 70th anniversary of Anhui University of Science and Technology(AUST).
                  AUST, founded in 1945, was the first engineering institute in Anhui Province, as well as one of the two colleges that began to cultivate talents specialized in mining industry at the earliest time in China. In 2014, AUST turned into a university co-built by government of Anhui Province and State Administration of Work Safety. AUST continuously stuck on the principle of development in terms of characteristic, connotation and openness, 70 years since its foundation, it has cultivated 150,000 excellent talents for the society. AUST has become an important base for mining talents cultivation, technological innovation, community service and culture inheritance.
                  BGTG has contributed for the healthy development of AUST for the last 5 consecutive years by establishing scholarship, donating coal separation laboratory and etc, and will continue do that in the future.
          Link:  http://news.aust.edu.cn/info/1012/8754.htm

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